Digital workflow and RAW files
How we ensure the highest quality image for you.


When a digital photograph is taken using our professional camera equipment two files are generated:
1) a low resolution jpeg
2) A high resolution RAW file.

The low resolution files/proofs are what we use to make the web gallery that we upload for you to use for selecting images.

The RAW file is, in effect, a digital negative and is held in my image database. When you order a high resolution file there is work
required to finish the file and convert the RAW file into a format that you can use.

The RAW file is opened in the RAW conversion software and adjustments are made to:

- Overall density
- Colour balance
- Colour temperature
- Contrast

When these adjustments are made the file is converted to a 16 bitAdobe RGB TIFF file

The 16 bit file is then opened in image editing software and further adjustments are made to:

- shadow density
- highlight density
- final cropping

At this stage I will also make any minor edits that may be needed.

I may also burn in or hold back selected areas of the image.

The file is then converted to a 8 bit RGB file (so that you can use it) I also apply an Anti-Alias filter at this stage.

The cost for the above depends on the amount of images selected.

This process is the industry standard professional method for getting the absolute best quality out of a file.